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«Once upon a time there lived a Foreman. Throughout his adult life he was building houses working for an owner. The time has come, he grew old and decided to retire.

- I quit, - he said to his Chief. – I want to potter about the garden with my old woman and to take care of my grandchildren. I am tired.

The Chief was sorry to say goodbye to a man he trusted so much and he asked him:

- Listen, let’s do the following – you build the last house and then we make a retirement party for you. Let’s do it! With a good bonus. Please!

The Foreman agreed. According to the new project he had to build a house for a small family. And so it began: approvals, search of materials, check outs… And the Foreman was in a hurry as he looked forward to his retirement. There was something he underdid, something he simplified, he saved and bought cheap materials… Because doing so was faster. He felt that he didn’t do his best job, but he excused himself by thinking that it was the end of his career. Finally the work was done, the day to put the house into service came.

The Chief came to the building site, checked the house over and said:

- You know, it’s your house! Here, take the keys and move in. All documents are formalized. It’s a present for your fruitful and longstanding work.

Only the Foreman knew his real feelings! In his mind he was replaying all his mistakes and faults which have become his problems now. He was rueful and ashamed for himself. And it seemed that he was flustered with an expensive present. Everybody applauded, congratulated him on a new home and was touched with joyful poor man tears running down his cheeks. And only the Foreman knew what kind of tears those were…»

For more than 10 years our company provides its services in the building segment. And every time starting a project development and implementation we weigh every our step, hone ideas and improve the process. We begin our work with total understanding that every our action, every step and word, every thought and decision – everything has its effect and is rewarded. We perfectly realize that our attitude to the business affects the final result and everything leaves its mark!

We know that our house where we move in tomorrow is being built today!

That is why we build medical institutions according to the up-to-date world requirements and standards – as probably tomorrow our children, friends, acquaintances or we will have medical treatment there. And it makes us build a polyclinic where even the walls cheer up. And we know how to do it, not only can!

We aim at building comfort and cozy modern hotel complexes – as probably on the day after tomorrow our friends who come in business, to the concert or just on a visit will stay there.

It is likely that the next week we gather at the stadium with our friends to cheer for our favorite team. And that is why we build modern sport complexes using the up-to-date technologies.

We care for the safety of our families and families of our friends. And that’s exactly why we use the up-to-date equipment and technologies when building modern residential estates.

We know how nice it is to have a rest after a working day in comfort and coziness – and it makes us think through every detail and do a finicky work when doing interior furnishing.

We like fresh air and nature – that is why we not only know how to fit a modern house into the natural site but we can provide all conditions for comfortable living in it.

That is why we build the way we want it to be built for us. We are scrupulous and prudent about every project, we use best endeavors at every stage of the project implementation so that we would not regret later about cracked basement or a leaking roof. We build in the way that we would not be afraid of spring floods and autumn rains, that we would not freeze in winter and droop in the heat in summer, that the house would be cozy during the storm and safe during the hurricane. We don’t simply build – we build our lives!